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Here is a sample of my photography work.
Photos taken in Mexico, Nigeria, São Paulo and USA.

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Abeokuta & Lagos, Nigeria

This series is part of the research for a feature documentary on the Yoruba, the people from West Africa and their traditional values - specially about their influence in Brazil and the whole world due to more than 3 centuries of continuous slavery of their people.


Sao Paulo, Brazil: Lamp Revolt

Named after an episode where a guy couple was hit with a fluorescent lamp in the busiest street of São Paulo, the "Lamp Revolt" became an LGBT parade for those that refuse to be labeled according to traditional values.


Hidalgo, Mexico: Green March

Inside a prison in Hidalgo, Mexico, devotees of the Saint Death (Santa Muerte) celebrate the traditional Day of the Dead. Enriqueta Vargaz conducts a mass in the prison's patio - she's leader of the Saint Death cult in Mexico, the fastest growing cult in the Americas right now.


São Paulo, Brazil: Green March

People gathered to march for the legalization of marijuana in the streets of São Paulo. Approximately 1 million people were present and there were several protests along the way.